Community Involvement

Workshops and events

Through both Veloz and the Ottawa Bike Messenger Association we have hosted multiple community workshops connect with other bicycle enthusiasts and teach important lessons in bike safety. So far we’ve covered topics such as basic bike maintenance and safe winter cycling, but we have plans to do many more as we keep growing!

Ottawa Bike Messenger Association

Veloz co-founders Stephane and Jason, created the Ottawa Bike Messenger Association to meet community demands. The BMA is an outlet to hold discussions and execute actions to support the continuance of this industry and excite the larger community that keeps us biking,

Our next steps toward being a co-operative within Ontario

Veloz courier is currently in the process of becoming a legal cooperative within Ontario. This means that our team means are owners and operators of our services, and all decisions are democratically controlled by these members. We believe this legal foundation of our company, will further solidify our principles of sustainability into our services by fairly empowering our team members to succeed and receive an equal benefit.