Who we are is what we do

We are a worker-owned and operated same-day courier service in the Ottawa-Gatineau downtown area. Our passions and principles as a team fuel our unique and growing model that prioritizes socio-economic, and environmental sustainability.

Our team receives higher than average portion of sales/deliveries (80% in lieu of %60), and team member holistic health and well-being is a priority in our daily operations. In response, our team members invest their time in all aspects of our services and growth, and we sincerely believe this mutually respectful and beneficial economic model has led to our success so far.

We are also a zero-emissions courier service that moves your documents and goods without contributing to more carbon emissions and climate instability.

Our Team

Jason King – Co-founder

Jason has 15 years of experience in the food industry in Vancouver and Montreal. He is a seasoned rider with a passion for the community, so you can assure your cargo loads get where you need them.

Stephane Fortin – Co-founder

Having worked for traditional courier companies, I observed potential areas where business could improve their services by empowering their workers and respecting their independent positions as couriers.